Umbris Academy

Umbris Academy

Inspirations: 1984, magic school literature, Good Omens

Play this setting if: You want to explore the ties between "knowledge" and "freedom" and how neither has anything intrinsic to do with safety, you want to explore living as a literal underground insurgent against the regime of a divine dictator, you want to wear a school uniform.

In an empire ruled by an Autocratic Divine being called the Almighty, obedience is the only trait that the church prizes. Curiosity, independence, even free thought are harshly discouraged. The Almighty’s control is strictly maintained by his omnipresent Seers and his clockwork enforcers the Seraphim.

This rule is not unresisted, however. From a secret campus in the shadowy underworld, the students of the Umbris Academy wage an insurgent war under the direction of the school’s Headmaster, the Shadow King. The seditious scholars and Boogeymen of the underground school run missions to liberate and educate the people of the world above.

The war is dangerous, the Almighty never misses an opportunity to make a violent example of his enemies. Despite this, the free minded students of the Academy do not shrink from the dangers of resistance.

Your character is one such fighter for freedom of expression and knowledge who has perished against the forces of the Almighty and his servants. Their spirit has been delivered to Elysium to contribute their academic mind and covert skills to the defense of the Nine Realms.

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