Skies of Anabaxis

Skies of Anabaxis

Inspirations: Pirates of the Caribbean, Vikings, Airships just as a general pop culture concept.

Play this Setting if: You want to play a ruthless Sky Viking, the role of a daring Sky Pirate sounds like fun to you, or if you want to play an airship themed character.

In a world covered by an unbreathable, heavier than air smog most life has had to adapt to live on the mountain tops and plateaus that jut out above the clouds.

The humans of this world have discovered a way to build vessels that sail across the clouds of smog that dominate these skies by harvesting “driftwood”, trees that have evolved to float in the upper cloud layers drifting along the smog, pushed by the breeze. This wood is extremely light, and ships made from it are able to rest atop the smog even with passengers and cargo, and even raise slightly into the air at times of need through the use of hot air or natural gasses.

In the north, fearless vikings plow the skies on mighty longships. In the south, daring privateers skim through cloudbanks on man-of-wars built for range and speed.

As they sail the treacherous skies of Anabaxis, these independent city states and clans have each developed a culture of piracy and raiding, meaning no vessel or settlement is safe without vikings or privateers of their own to protect them.

Between these two cultures, the neverending Allstorm churns the sky and sends out lashes of devastating weather, keeping these mountain top cities even more isolated from each other.

The Allstorm is ever shifting, threatening the skies of each settlement in their season, such that sky captains have to be careful to watch the skies for bands of bad weather that could dash their ships to pieces. Some voyages take months to avoid these types of disasters. In the skies that surround Onyxpeak, the weather is always calm. However, those skies are controlled by a dark necromancer and their morbid creations, ghost ships crewed by undead sailors. Little is known about the Necromancer or their minions as those who encounter them are rarely seen alive again. And dead men tell no tales.

Your character is a sky viking or sky pirate who died in battle, storm, or against the terrifying creatures of the Necromancer. Your spirit has been brought to Elysium to contribute you daring and combat skill to the defense of the Nine Realms.

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