Realm of Merryglade

Realm of Merryglade

Inspirations: The Redwall Series, Forgotten Realms, The Once and Future King

Play this setting if: You want to explore life as an anthropomorphized animal, you want to role play as a fantasy knight or paladin, or you want to do some elaborate prayer to primal deities.

Once, long ago, there were beings called “humans” that ruled the world. They created towns, castles, roads, and most of all, they practiced magic. It is not known what spell it was that destroyed all the humans, or even what the spell was intended to do (presuming self destruction was NOT their aim.) However, it is known that the spell eradicated all human life from the entirety of Merryglade, and altered what it left behind in their stead.

The latent magics of whatever this great working was pooled in the forests, mountains, plains and even skies of Merryglade, taking roots in the birds and beasts it found. It affected each of them differently, some it merely granted sentience and speech. Within others it gave those gifts, along with anthropomorphizing their bodies to better match the humans who had originally made the magic giving them form. These newly sentient beings found a human world ready to inhabit, and as such call themselves “The Inheritors”.

Other magics were more chaotic. They seeped into the underdark below the realm and there formed horrifying aberrations. So unstable are these creatures that they feed off the very magic that gives the Inheritors their sentience. This renders Inheritors who fall into their clutches back into non sentient animals, a fate worse than death in their eyes.

There are several kingdoms of Inheritors, and in each they have adapted the customs and traditions from the human records they discovered. They hold courts and tournaments, knight their warriors, and crown their kings. They have adapted the worship of their primal gods, the “Divine Instincts” to more appropriately match the ways in which humans worshiped.

You are an Inheritor who has died, likely in battle against an aberration or one of your fellow Inheritors. You might be a strong polar bear knight, or a cunning mouse rogue. Whatever you were, you’ve been brought to Elysium to lend your adventurous spirit and loyalty to the defense of the nine realms.

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