Lost Cities of Katadysium

Lost Cities of Katadysium

Inspirations: Atlantis, Firefly, Sea Creatures, Merfolk, Greek Myth

Play this setting if: You want to costume as a Merfolk, want to explore a fascination with mythical sea creatures, or enjoy high magic based civilizations.

The planet Kathoria is a world dotted with islands and peninsulas surrounding the vast seas. The humans residing here were a proud and old civilization built upon the land they called Themelio. Their people worked hard and enjoyed the fruits of their labor, the greatest of which were the Aconite flower, a blue flower that when ingested created feelings of euphoria. Addiction to Aconite was not uncommon among the people of the world, demarcated by blue lips, tongues and veins in the users.

Though usually blue, not much thought was given when crops of Aconite started turning purple. They were not weaker in their effect, and in fact they were more addictive, making them more valuable to the herbalists who peddled them. Unbeknownst to them, this strain was diseased, and the sickness it instilled in its users had a long incubation period. Once the disease reared its head, the users veins and lips turned a deep purple. These addicts would slowly turn into animalistic and deranged monsters, concerned only with three things: death, destruction, and food. These monsters are called the “Ravagers of the Aconite” or much commonly just “Ravagers.”

The Ravager disease is highly contagious. As it began to spread, town after town and city after city were overwhelmed. Sane Themelians flocked to the coast, seeking refuge from the growing Ravager threat. Here, old legends of underwater cities began to spread again in earnest. Before long, beings from a long lost underwater civilization were spotted, and what little of the human leadership that remained pleaded with them to help. An agreement was reached, and humanity was saved. The Themelians found refuge in the merfolk cities built in the undersea air pockets formed by magically shielded bubbles. These are the United Cities of Katadysium, inhabited by the merfolk ruled by Queen Aoife.

A new era has begun of human and merfolk cooperation. The merfolk maintain the cities needed to keep the joint civilization alive, and pass on the Lusca ink tattooing process that drives their magic. The humans are adapting to life below sea, but some still brave journeys to the surface to scavenge supplies from a Ravager controlled yet ruined civilization.

The Merfolk of Katadysium worship the Lusca as their main deity, and protect the seas with the help of the lesser deities against the maleficent forces of the Devourer. Practitioners of their magic, the Chirographic Invocations of Lusca, are commonly referred to as clerics and acolytes.

You are either a merfolk or human, of some variation based on the city you once lived in. You could be a devoted worshipper of the Lusca, a nurturing coral caretaker, or an enigmatic scavenger of the surface remains. Either way, you’ve died in some struggle, and you've been brought to Elysium to contribute your altruism to the defense of the nine realms.