Isle of Mystere

Isle of Mystere

Inspirations: Fae Myth and Folklore, Sociopolitical Narrative of the early French Revolution, Carnival Row

Play this setting if: You wish to explore within the theme of balancing emotions and reason, justice and power.

The Isle of Mystere tells a story of the commoners and the noble families that rule over them. The Nobles are the ruling class with bloodlines that can be traced to the original progenitor Fae, their allies, and the spiritual forces of the Sun and the Moon. The Fae of this world are allied with either the Moon or the Sun and the noble families are associated with one or the other. Most of the common folk are content in this system, but the embers of a revolt known as the Revolution are alight after the event known as the Bread Revolt. This collection of dissatisfied commoners wish to overthrow the noble families and rid themselves of the Fae’s influence and the worship of the Sun and the Moon. Both sides utilize a magical practice known as the Disciplines of Logos and Pathos, powers of the mind that both draw on reasoning and emotion. Logos and Pathos are opposites in this magic and directly counter each other.

Characters from the Isle of Mystere tend to dress in one of two styles related to their geographical location. The Sumforders of the South prefer tight fitting clothing of vibrant colors. Their culture is expressive and jubilant. The practical Northerners, found in the colder regions of the Isle, wear layered tunics and clothing trimmed with fur. Caps and gambesons are common among these stoic and mistrustful people.

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