Inspirations: Animism, Guild Wars 2, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Magic the Gathering

Play this Setting if: You want to explore the price of power and talk to spirits that inhabit inanimate objects.

Everflame is set in a world named Clara. Here rugged survivors struggle to exist in a world constantly consumed by a giant firestorm. At one time the world of Clara was populated by magical empires in relative peace. Elemental spirits taught these people their power, giving empires the ability to summon storms and conjure earthquakes. The balance of power kept each of them in check, and therefore at peace. At least, until the greatest living fire spirit emerged in the heart of the Sylvan empire, consuming most of the plant based humanoids in flames before spreading across the land. This powerful flame spirit created a firestorm known as the Inferno, seeking to consume the whole world.

The surviving Sylvan and Humans used their might to summon the elementals and spirits of ice and water, but this merely slowed the Inferno. Other Sylvan, who later renamed themselves the Ashborn, began to specialize their magical powers on the control of flame. With this they guided the spirits who rule over fire to the task of controlling the flames.

The denizens of Clara utilize the Primal Path of Elements to stave off the Inferno. Practitioners of this magic are referred to as shamans, and they draw from their own soul and intuition to cast. In times of need, shamans can burn the caster to intensify the magic drawn. This process inflames the caster making them much stronger, but it burns away at the soul and body of the shaman.

Characters from the Everflame are either humans or Sylvans inhabiting the wetlands far from the inferno’s blaze, or the Ashborn of the burned remains of forgotten empires. The humans wear practical clothing for living on coasts and rivers, they may have animals that they associate with familial clans adorning their clothing. The Sylvan are a plant based people, with plant like or bark like skin and the occasional flower of foliage growing from their bodies. Older Sylvan might have moss growing on their heads or shoulders and aged beards might resemble bushes found in the wild. The Ashborn can be human or sylvan but commonly receive permanent burns from fighting the Inferno so closely.

The spirits are commonly elementals, but not limited to just that. The people of the world of Clara, the Everflame, are hardy survivors. They tend to know how to rough the natural world and make for excellent guides.

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