Colony XIV Beta

Colony XIV Beta

Inspirations: the Alien Franchise, Zerg (Starcraft Franchise), and Netflix's adaptation of the Lost in Space Television series.

Play this setting if: You want to explore technology and space themes, you want to explore themes of desperate survival in the face of impossible odds, or you want to explore the inscrutable nature of synthetic life as an Android.

On the harsh, distant colony world of XIV Beta, Terran humans tend to the terraforming World Seed engines that will make the world inhabitable for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. The androids serve as their teachers and helpers, building this new society in a brave new world.

It is not an easy existence, but neither was the overcrowded Terra from which they come, and they are relatively content. Life proceeded, as it did, for several years uninterrupted, and though the citizens were cut off from home by a solar storm isolating their planet, it very much appeared that this place would be their home for as long as it could last.

That is, until the Swarm is awoken from its hibernation. No one is sure whether the swarm was native to planet XIV Beta, or if they had arrived here by some asteroid many years ago. Voracious insect like predators, the swarm bred quickly and expanded, overwhelming the Colony Pods the colonists call home one by one. Eventually, with no way to leave and their civilization all but over run, the humans come together for one last stand.

Your character is a Terran or Android who died in this struggle, transported to Elysium to contribute your community spirit and ingenuity to the defense of the Nine Realms.

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