Arcane Frontier

Arcane Frontier

Inspirations: Deadlands, Spaghetti Westerns, Shadowrun

Play this setting if: You want to play a Hexslinger trying to carve out a little justice in a wild lawless world, you want to play a daring western adventurer willing to risk it all to win big, you want to dress like a cowboy.

Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Men and Goblins have entered the age of steam through the discovery of the valuable arcane metal, orichalchum. For years there has been a very limited supply of this magical material all controlled by the railway barons.*

So when orichaculm is discovered in massive quantities on a previously underexplored continent, a boom of explorers set out for the “Arcane Frontier” to make their fortunes in mining, panning, or smithing the magic material. Others soon followed to serve the communities growing around the claims or to work on the railways slowly springing up around the Frontier itself.

Life on the frontier is dangerous, in many towns the tin badge of a Sheriff is only worth as much as the hex slinging of frontiersman that wears it, and spells fly fast and free among saloon brawls and street fights.

This is besides the wildlife of the frontiers that already make them a dangerous place to live. From the Prairie Trolls that cannot be killed except by fire, to the Werejacks who are small horned rabbits until the moon hits them and transforms them into hulking monsters, the Frontier is a dangerous place.

You are a frontiersman, a prospector, a sheriff, marshal, or bounty hunter that has somehow found their way under boot hill and has been brought to Elysium to contribute your daring and free spirit to the defense of all nine realms.

*Oh these are dragons by the way.

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