Information regarding our future events will be kept here!

Year 0 - 3rd Event!

Our 3rd Year 0 game will be held at Laura S Walker State Park at 5653 Laura Walker Road Waycross, GA 31503 from Friday, February 28th thru Sunday March 1st. Please do not plan on arriving before 5pm on Friday 2/28/20.

For these games you will create a character that will progress each game much like a normal character except accelerated. At the end of Year 0, these characters will be retired in a way that suits the players' wants and story. This could be anything from reincarnation, eternal rest, possibly a face NPC, or other ideas!

Submitting feedback after these events will be critical, as these are the games that will directly effect changes to the rulebook and story writing.

Below are some important links if you plan on attending: